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5.5 Billion Reasons for Mobile Media in 2011

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I wrote in 2010 that the newest marketing opportunities were in the cellular phones ( ~ and now, everywhere I look I see articles, blogs and Tweets about the emerging mobile marketing opportunity.

Starting back in 2008 we began to first hear about the emerging ‘mobi’ possibilities, but things now are different. Why? It is largely based on the numbers and partly on my own personal experiences.

2010 still had a lack of technology. There simply weren’t enough smartphone’s in use and mobile phones were used primarily for voice and texting.

This is no longer the case. Today over 61 million American’s have smartphones, (25% of all mobile phones users), and that more than 50% of all mobile phones sold in the U.S. today are smartphones.

Even the majority of non-smart phones still offer text messaging and web surfing, which explains why web browsers are used by 36.2% of U.S. mobile subscribers.

I recently went to buy new mobile phones and virtually every phone being sold offered web access and required a data plan, even the non-smart phones.

While I was also one of those people that thought I would only use my mobile phone for calls, now that I have a phone with internet capabilities I am finding myself using it all the time to surf the web, check my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and to text.

The ease in which my new phone allows me to do these things has had a big impact on my mobile phone usage habits and helped me see first hand the way mobile devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives.

We may leave our home without our wallet and our car keys, but the smartphone is the one device we never leave home without.

The Mobile Marketing Association reports mobile marketing budgets are set to rise 124% from 2010 to 2011, putting the total allocation to the mobile channel at roughly 4% of overall marketing budgets. Marketers surveyed represent more than $2.3 billion spent on mobile media in 2010, and they say they’re allocating $5.5 billion in 2011.

It is already anticipated that by the year 2014, smartphone web-browsing will be more used than all the computers in the world!

For your Success,

Keith Thorn

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