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Keith Thorn, LLC provides your business with opportunities for growth simply by developing value and innovations. Work Smarter, Not Harder – We know how to create customized web apps that break-up the bottleneck in lost sales because someone is too busy to close them.

All businesses need to save time, expand the sales force, leverage consistency!

We provide a strategy, a plan, and a process to enable our clients towards amazing cost-savings the their businesses.

Keith Thorn, LLC has achieved exceptional results and produced some amazing solutions for both large and small clients alike. Among clients are established industry leaders such as Saint Louis University, J Hilburn, as well as numerous small businesses like JMGA Creative and Dynamic Security Systems. These are people who desire the same quality of thinking and designing afforded those big institutions. Principle and Director, Keith Thorn leads the ‘On Point Business Solutions’ company in a multi-industry client-base that ranges from security systems to surgery training to technology.  We have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest people and with some of the most respected companies in technology.

We differentiate our work by providing hands-on, personalized service. Our philosophy is simple – we view our clients as our strategic alliance partners. We take consulting a step further. We build and develop brands that grow across all digital media. We find and promote the ‘big idea’ – the platform that your company success hinges on and expand that.  *We are strategic. We design, organize, and implement. We build web success all across the mobile media!

Customized web apps are the amazing solutions for today’s business growth.

“It has been said, that great businesses are not build by extraordinary people, but by ordinary people who do extraordinary things”

yet for ordinary people to do extraordinary things – a system or way of doing things is absolutely essential in order to compensate for the
disparity between the skills your people have and the skills your business needs if it is to produce consistent results.

this is exactly where our customized web apps become the design tools your people use to increase their productivity.
You need to get the job done in order for your business to successfully differentiate itself from your competition.

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Keith Thorn, LLC provides your business with opportunities for growth simply by developing value and innovations.

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