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Social Media Mistakes – The 8 Most Common

The 8 most common social media mistakes we see everyday! The most common social media mistakes seem to happen in all companies – big or small.  They seem to be happen regardless of the department or the person(s) handling this adventure. #1 – Measuring wrong The most common metric mistake is emphasizing the number of...

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Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary

Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary For SEO, it helps people when they understand is that Google® owns about 90% of the internet of the internet opportunities. They own UTUBE® which is the number 2 player in the digital world. Being one and two leaves very little opportunities for others out there like Yahoo (are...

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A Guide to Measuring ROI in Social Media

Businesses of every size are concerned about their return on investment (ROI). Time and or money are our biggest investments and they must generate a positive return in order to remain in business. The return on investment for reaching new buyers is often the hardest to calculate due to intangible evidence used in the equation....

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Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Goals Rather Than Tactics

“Focus ~ every business has access to the exact same two resources – time and money. Top business leaders maximize both” Marketers and business leaders are each tasked with focusing efforts on three primary missions/objectives; increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction ratings for their respective organizations via the utilization of these two resources....

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SEO – Google® and What Matters Most

SEO Always Matters Most Most businesses do not stop to consider what matters most to their web site growth. Most do not even stop to consider Google and their role in the ranking of the company the business-owner is trying to make profits from. And that famous buzzword, SEO and what does it mean to...

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Yes, Engagement Really Matters

Engagement Really Matters For your business – do you have a plan for the different roles that engagement, intent, actions, and interaction play throughout the search process? one person cannot do it all and delegation is a key. Who has what key competencies and who is best suited for what roles? These are truly important...

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Don’t be afraid of business owners – be afraid for them

Don’t be afraid of business owners – be afraid for them Because the stakes are so high, people are naturally nervous presenting to business owners. But this fear will only work against you and broadcast your lack of confidence. So, adopt a different mindset: be afraid for them. Presenting to your peers is relatively easy...

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SEO Web Design – Why Frames and SEO Don’t Mix

Frames in particular is one method for constructing pages that for all better purposes, has been left behind as the evolution of form function. Usability and aesthetic design have implemented new and exciting platforms in which to engage. As a web design company, our paths to cross with a number of small businesses still employing...

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Web Marketing is Dying, but Mobile Isn’t

Social platforms have become an ever-evolving medium. And basic web marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. A business with a mere simple website cannot compete with a business that has an immersed social, local, mobile audience, interactive Twitter conversations, savvy mobile engagement. Technology today allows you to connect and ignite a very targeted and specific...

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