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The Coming of Social CEOs

A new IBM (NYSE: IBM) study of more than 1,700 Chief Executive Officers from 64 countries and 18 industries worldwide revealed that CEOs are changing the nature of work by adding a powerful dose of openness, transparency and employee empowerment to the command-and-control ethos that has characterized the modern corporation. When IBM conducted its study...

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We will never have Web 3.0, because the Web’s dead

More and more in tech, it seems that your long-term viability as a company is dependent on when you were born. Think of the differences between generations and when we talk about how the Baby Boomers behave differently from Gen X’ersand additional differences with the Millennials. Each generation is perceived to see the world in a...

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Graduates Find Smartphones

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ most recent 2011 “Job Outlook Spring Update Survey,” employers expect to hire 21 percent more recent college graduates this year than in 2011. Graduating to a smartphone can help new college grads and career seekers optimize their search and respond quickly to potential employers. Whether it’s...

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Discover i-nigma’s exciting mobile technology

Do you know what a QR code is? No? As a smartphone owner, you really should. Why’s that? Because being able to access QR codes from your mobile device can provide you with access to an Aladdin’s cave of free gifts, special offers and invite-only sites and services. By scanning a special barcode-like image that...

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Every business should love Free

Even small businesses can access a variety of free resources for insights about competitors, customers and trends. Before anyone sinks a lot of money into anything, I suggest any business do online research service. Below is only a few in a wealth of free tools and resources that can help you gather valuable market-research information....

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AirPlay, the future of home media streaming from your mobile device

TV from your computer to your phone, wireless music across your home and movies from your mobile device to your TV. Discover how Apple’s AirPlay is quickly becoming the leader in wireless entertainment. “Until now, streaming media to every room in your home either involved a serious outlay of cash or a viper’s nest of...

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Using Twitter to get a company’s attention

Here are a few suggestions: Share your problem and tag the company’s Twitter account publicly which means you should include the Twitter handle within your message so all of your followers can see it. We’re finding out that most companies are very serious about Twitter now and have special services employed to track and respond...

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Digital Dining

Hungry? Smart phones are changing the way we eat out. Now its age of Digital Dining. Feeling peckish? Gone are the days where those rumbles in your tummy will be solved with a take-out menu or a magazine’s restaurant review. Smart phones and their capacity to quickly deliver location-based information have revolutionized the way we...

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Your Local Paper Boy Has Been Replaced: Read all about it!

One of my favorite movies is Newsies. A great coming of age movie about the ups and downs of young newspaper boys growing up in the heart of New York City. They woke up bright and early each morning, ready to arm the citizens of the city with crucial information. People would grab a copy...

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