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Mobile Gaming: The Choice Between Smartphones and Portable Consoles

Just today, it was announced you can even play ‘Angry Birds’ on Facebook. “Gamer” used to be synonymous with a socially awkward adolescent boy who spent huge chunks of the day in front of the TV or computer screen. Today, that definition has been blown right out of the water; games are now enjoyed by...

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How to handle a social media devil

One of the unfortunate side effects of social networking is dealing with Internet devils. These anonymous consumers seem to exist just to spite you. They love stirring up trouble, attacking your brand and lambasting your company on every forum, blog and social network they can find. Maybe they are a former customer with an axe...

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Mobi Lifestyles Magazine

Sure, in St. Louis you can get numerous food, housing and other ‘Free’ magazines, yet we are launching one to the fastest-growing audience in the world – smartphone-lifestyle users! Whether the readers are smartphone-users or not yet – 90% will be using smartphones in the next 18 months and all brands need (measurable) fresh ways...

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5.5 Billion Reasons for Mobile Media in 2011

I wrote in 2010 that the newest marketing opportunities were in the cellular phones ( ~ and now, everywhere I look I see articles, blogs and Tweets about the emerging mobile marketing opportunity. Starting back in 2008 we began to first hear about the emerging ‘mobi’ possibilities, but things now are different. Why? It is...

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