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Social Media Mistakes – The 8 Most Common

The 8 most common social media mistakes we see everyday! The most common social media mistakes seem to happen in all companies – big or small.  They seem to be happen regardless of the department or the person(s) handling this adventure. #1 – Measuring wrong The most common metric mistake is emphasizing the number of...

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Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary

Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary For SEO, it helps people when they understand is that Google® owns about 90% of the internet of the internet opportunities. They own UTUBE® which is the number 2 player in the digital world. Being one and two leaves very little opportunities for others out there like Yahoo (are...

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We will never have Web 3.0, because the Web’s dead

More and more in tech, it seems that your long-term viability as a company is dependent on when you were born. Think of the differences between generations and when we talk about how the Baby Boomers behave differently from Gen X’ersand additional differences with the Millennials. Each generation is perceived to see the world in a...

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Discover i-nigma’s exciting mobile technology

Do you know what a QR code is? No? As a smartphone owner, you really should. Why’s that? Because being able to access QR codes from your mobile device can provide you with access to an Aladdin’s cave of free gifts, special offers and invite-only sites and services. By scanning a special barcode-like image that...

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Your Local Paper Boy Has Been Replaced: Read all about it!

One of my favorite movies is Newsies. A great coming of age movie about the ups and downs of young newspaper boys growing up in the heart of New York City. They woke up bright and early each morning, ready to arm the citizens of the city with crucial information. People would grab a copy...

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5.5 Billion Reasons for Mobile Media in 2011

I wrote in 2010 that the newest marketing opportunities were in the cellular phones ( ~ and now, everywhere I look I see articles, blogs and Tweets about the emerging mobile marketing opportunity. Starting back in 2008 we began to first hear about the emerging ‘mobi’ possibilities, but things now are different. Why? It is...

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