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Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary

Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary For SEO, it helps people when they understand is that Google® owns about 90% of the internet of the internet opportunities. They own UTUBE® which is the number 2 player in the digital world. Being one and two leaves very little opportunities for others out there like Yahoo (are...

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Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Goals Rather Than Tactics

“Focus ~ every business has access to the exact same two resources – time and money. Top business leaders maximize both” Marketers and business leaders are each tasked with focusing efforts on three primary missions/objectives; increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction ratings for their respective organizations via the utilization of these two resources....

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Don’t be afraid of business owners – be afraid for them

Don’t be afraid of business owners – be afraid for them Because the stakes are so high, people are naturally nervous presenting to business owners. But this fear will only work against you and broadcast your lack of confidence. So, adopt a different mindset: be afraid for them. Presenting to your peers is relatively easy...

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Keith Thorn, LLC provides your business with opportunities for growth simply by developing value and innovations.

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