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Social Media Mistakes – The 8 Most Common

The 8 most common social media mistakes we see everyday! The most common social media mistakes seem to happen in all companies – big or small.  They seem to be happen regardless of the department or the person(s) handling this adventure. #1 – Measuring wrong The most common metric mistake is emphasizing the number of...

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Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary

Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary For SEO, it helps people when they understand is that Google® owns about 90% of the internet of the internet opportunities. They own UTUBE® which is the number 2 player in the digital world. Being one and two leaves very little opportunities for others out there like Yahoo (are...

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Web Marketing is Dying, but Mobile Isn’t

Social platforms have become an ever-evolving medium. And basic web marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. A business with a mere simple website cannot compete with a business that has an immersed social, local, mobile audience, interactive Twitter conversations, savvy mobile engagement. Technology today allows you to connect and ignite a very targeted and specific...

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