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Imagine Your Photos In 3D

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3D Photos technology is several years old and its use was limited but now we see a lot of devices and gadgets from various manufacturers but they are expensive. Another thing which minimizes the use of these devices is the lack of quality content available in the market and the expensive 3D display devices like 3D televisions. The 3D animated movies that have recently been launched have not lived up to the expectations either.

The research and development team of Microsoft is working on a new technology that will allow users to make 3D models right from their cell phones and digital cameras. The phone application will require pictures of an object taken from various angles and will create a 3D model by stitching the snapshots and the overlapped snapshots will give you a 360 degree view of the object. If you want to make a 3D model of your car then you will need about 60 pictures taken from various angles. A smaller object like a table lamp will need around 25 pictures taken at high resolution.

Imagine your favorite ballgame in 3D?

The purpose of developing this technology is to enable everybody possessing a cell phone or a simple digital camera to make quality 3D models. Now users will not need to buy high tech gadgets and spend further on display devices to see their creations. If you like sky diving, other adventurous things, or want to see your favorite person in 3D – all you need is your imagination and you can create with this amazing application.

Eric Stollnitz, a researcher at Microsoft, says that people will also be able to shoot 3D videos with this application when it is officially launched. A browser plug-in is being made which will enable the users to instantly view their 3D models on their computers and share them through e-mail and social media networks. Such a technology will have a significant influence on lifestyles as people will have more fun to create with their existing smartphone. Now you will never miss the fun as you can take pictures of anything or anyone meaningful – and turn them into 3D masterpieces!

What would your favorite people look like in 3D?

Consider going to a baseball or football game and capturing all the moments and atmosphere with your cell phone and watching it again in 3D at home. This will be a whole new experience for you. You will not have to wait for 3D movies to come out or even turn on your 3D television. Microsoft has made it all available in your pocket and with a touch of a button.


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Managing Partner, KTLLC Communications

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