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Your Local Paper Boy Has Been Replaced: Read all about it!

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One of my favorite movies is Newsies. A great coming of age movie about the ups and downs of young newspaper boys growing up in the heart of New York City. They woke up bright and early each morning, ready to arm the citizens of the city with crucial information. People would grab a copy as they went about their morning routine – coffee in one hand, a rolled up newspaper in the other. Today, technology has replaced the local paper delivery boy. Specifically – the smart phone has re-placed him.

According to the PEW Internet Research Center, “Nearly half of all American adults (47%) report that they get at least some local news and information on their cellphone or tablet computer.”

Compared to adults who get information the old fashioned way, consumers of local news on their mobile devices tend to be younger, live in higher income households, reside in urban areas, and tend to be parents of minor children. They are also more likely to be involved in the community, and are more avid users of social media than their counterparts.

If you want to reach this savvier and more active demographic with local news, events, and announcements, here are three things advertisers need to get now!
1) Make your information easily accessible. This audience has a relatively low level of patience. If your content doesn’t load easily or quickly, the chances are they will move on. Consider using an application to deliver your content. 11% of all Americans use mobile applications to get information.
2) Make it relevant and real-time. The same study cited earlier states “42% of mobile device owners report getting weather updates on their phones or tablets; 37% say they get material about restaurants or other local businesses.” This means that real time and relevant information trumps evergreen content. Have a useful article on the benefits of crisis management? Save it for the web.
3) Provide a call to action. Smart phone users are much more likely to take action based on what they read, than non-users. So, make sure you provide some type of call to action. If you layout the plan you wish for your readers to take, chances are that they will follow through. This trend of consuming information, especially news & events, on a mobile device will continue to grow. As for the age of the local newspaper boy, those days are best enjoyed on the silver screen.


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