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Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Goals Rather Than Tactics

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“Focus ~ every business has access to the exact same two resources – time and money. Top business leaders maximize both”

Marketers and business leaders are each tasked with focusing efforts on three primary missions/objectives; increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction ratings for their respective organizations via the utilization of these two resources.

According to a report released by eMarketer, 80% of all Marketing Efforts begin incorrectly with tactics in mind instead of results. Goals help marketers clarify how they will spend their resources (time and money). Tactics define which methods will be utilized; offline, online or a combination or both marketing concepts. Both should be considered when building an organization’s annual strategic marketing plan.

Start with the Organization’s Vision

What is your organization attempting to accomplish as a result of your 2013 social media marketing efforts? Why are you launching these marketing techniques? As with any business initiative, it is critical that you begin with the end in mind. Once you have clarified the ‘why’s’ behind these strategies, you can move to goal definition.

Define your Social Media Plan’s Goals

What do you hope to accomplish this year in terms of social media lead generation? How many leads do you anticipate generating? Which social media techniques do you anticipate generating the greatest response rates? What do you expect to spend per new lead generated? What is your total social media plan’s budget for the 2013 calendar year? And, what is your acceptable lead conversion ratio? Take time to clearly answer each of these questions as they relate to your plan’s goals before moving onto which tactics you will employ.

Defining and Employing Social Media Tactics

Now that you have defined the why’s behind your social media plan and the ‘what’s’, you can move onto the ‘how’s”. How do you anticipate achieving each of the goals you have defined for your organization? Which social media tactics will you utilize?

There are two primary forms of marketing; offline and online

Offline tactics can include any of the following: branding, business papers, direct mail, promotional items, articles within industry publications, customer rewards or loyalty programs, physical displays, banners and general marketing collateral (business cards, brochures). Which of these more traditional marketing techniques is your business currently utilizing? How are you measuring the results generated from each?

Online tactics can include web design, mobile apps, SEO techniques, e-campaigns, texting, social media management and blogs.

Leading businesses employ techniques from each category. As you consider which tactics to include within your 2013 social media marketing plan, consider the cost, expected conversion rates and your current level of expertise for each. And, before employing any technique, clarify how you intend to measure results and what your plan of action will be should you not achieve desired results for any marketing tactic utilized.


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