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Sure, in St. Louis you can get numerous food, housing and other ‘Free’ magazines, yet we are launching one to the fastest-growing audience in the world – smartphone-lifestyle users!

Whether the readers are smartphone-users or not yet – 90% will be using smartphones in the next 18 months and all brands need (measurable) fresh ways to connect to these people with incredible purchasing power.

Articles in the July launch include: ‘Mobile Blogging’ by Georgia Clark, ‘Airplay’ by Ben Harvell, Amazon’s number #1 book seller in SEO, Shama Kabani with ‘News Boys’, ‘Digital Dining’, ‘Mobile Government’, ‘3D’, ‘What Are QR Codes Anyway? by Keith Thorn, a special iOS apps page for best, and most useful apps – and much more.

Today, every major and brand wanting to be major either has a smartphone app or is making one that is not launched and needs a public vehicle to drive that opportunity. MLM also incorporates a new and unique advertising model; adds unlimited and exponential possibilities for both the reader and the advertiser.

Think of brands like the St. Louis Cardinals offering readers to vote on the spot for your their favorite MLB All-Star while a 7th inning stretch, buy tickets to next game (and pay for them), and get that favorite imprinted jersey sent strait to your home – without leaving your seat at the game!

Imagine Kaldi’s Coffee outperforming all competition though this unique advertising niche and positioning themselves as the major player in St. Louis with options that even Starbucks has not considered!

Recently it was projected that 1 in 3 new car buyers in the next 12 months will use their smartphone to help with the purchase. What happens when the Lou Fusz, Auffenberg, and Bommarito dealers start using our ad models in ways that actually sells cars to ‘unseen’ customers? New sales.

You will have to get a copy in over 500 St. Louis outlets in June to even begin to understand the opportunities for both the smartphone users and the brand with solutions.

Mobi Lifestyles Magazine: A print and online publication for improving our daily lifestyles through mobile devices ~ ‘The sky is the limit’.

Mobi Lifestyles Magazine showcases today’s mobile opportunities and helps brands drive their message on mobile platforms strait to the smartphone user – allowing them to make the best purchasing decisions based on their lifestyle and needs.

Utilizing cutting edge digital media technology and editorial expertise, Mobi Lifestyles demystifies the rapidly expanding mobile device market and also highlights its potential to enhance the lives of everyday users. Through insightful yet jargon-free articles, guides and reviews, Mobi Lifestyles provides an essential resource to help users unlock the true power of their smartphone or tablet.

Let me know how you like the magazine!

Keith Thorn, Managing Partner/Publisher

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