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In your pocket right now is the most powerful remote control and mini computer that has ever existed. It is no ordinary remote control. It can harness everything that all of the previous mass media (television, radio, Internet, etc.) can do. People aren’t using them just for simple entertainment or for phone calls. They have become the hub of our personal lives. Mobile development is more than cross-browser, it is a cross-platform. The vast number of mobile devices makes thorough testing a practical impossibility, leaving developers nostalgic for the days when they only had to support legacy browsers. The term “Mobile Web” is commonly used to describe accessing the internet using a mobile device. This definition is broad enough to cover everything from using a browser on a feature phone, to using highly customized apps on smartphones or tablets.

On the web, a positive first impression is essential to relationships. People look for trust and integrity, and they expect subsequent encounters to reflect and reinforce their first impression. The same principles apply to brands and their products. Design plays an important role in building lasting relationships with end users and, thus, in supporting the brand’s promise. Users expect mobile services to be relevant and user-friendly and to perform well. The limitations of the medium, however, impose significant challenges to designing products that meet all of those expectations. While often underestimated, performance is a crucial contributor to a trustworthy mobile user experience. Therefore, it should be considered a key driver in the design process.

The industry has evolved in many ways, but one particular area has affected how we at Keith Thorn, LLC build “On Point Business Solutions” to a greater extent than any other. We are leading the surge in Web-enabled, customized apps and mobile devices that has forged a subculture of visitors who require the adaptation of our web possibilities to meet their needs in sales, management of processes, and so much more!

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